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  • How reliable is your service and why should I use it?

    1) Check what customers are saying about our services 2) Our documents are authentic and perfect for any visa application purposes 3) We provide 100% buyer protection through PayPal 4) We take care of reservation cancellations at no additional cost to you 5) We take away the risk from you and have you not spend […]

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    Can you briefly provide what all services do you offer to your customers for visa application?

    We provide flight reservations, hotel reservations, and travel insurance services for visa purposes along with free visa consultation, cover letter templates, and no objection letter templates. This service is for travelers applying for visas that require submitting confirmed flight and hotel reservations, and valid travel medical insurance. It is not for people who are planning to enter a […]

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    Is there a particular time period to use your service to book flight and hotel reservations?

    No, there is no specific time period to order reservations on our website. However, we recommend you to use our services three to four days prior to the visa interview.

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    I want to book flight and hotel reservations without purchasing the actual tickets. Are reservations accepted by the embassy?

    That’s exactly why we are here for and why you should use our service! Yes, the reservations are perfectly acceptable. The embassy actually recommends not purchasing actual tickets until the visa is approved.  We take away the overhead and ticket cancellation worries from you by making travel reservations on your behalf for a small service fee. Moreover, […]

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    Can i use your service to book any airline of my choice?

    Absolutely! Feel free to let us know your preferred airlines while placing the order and we will try our best to honor your request.

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    Do you provide flight itinerary, hotel reservation and travel medical insurance for any country visa?

    You got it right! Yes, we provide valid flight and hotel itineraries for any country. Doesn’t matter where you are from and what country you are traveling to, we make our best efforts to serve you with reservations that work best for any visa application. The insurance we provide meets International and Schengen requirements. We are […]

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