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a) You provide your basic travel details for flights(Departing city, arrival city, departure dates) and hotels(City, check in and check out dates) and submit the order

b) We will then send you reservations in email pdf. You can use those to get the visa

c) After you get the visa, you can either make your own travel plans and purchase anything of your choice online Or, if you need to buy the actual flight tickets and hotels from us then we will also provide you the service to find the best and cheaper fares at that time using our resources and tools for a minimal non-refundable service fee of USD10.


Verification of Flight:

Flight reservations are verifiable. You can visit respective airlines website, plugin the airline reservation code and your name under manage my bookings. If you have any issues, then please send email to

Verification of Hotel:

Hotel reservations are verifiable. You can call the hotel directly to verify using your name. Hotel itinerary has a confirmation number from the booking systems that indicate that bookings have been made successfully with the hotel systems.


Flight and Hotel Validity:

Typically our flight reservations are valid for two weeks however sometimes it depends on airlines policies it gets auto canceled due to overbooking etc. Hotel bookings are valid up to 3 weeks however sometimes hotel bookings may also get auto canceled due to hotel cancellation policies and high demand in bookings. 

Not to worry. We can recreate it immediately if such issue arises. The embassy will not refuse visa due to this they will request you to re-submit the reservation but again that’s very rare.

If you want us to extend the hotel bookings beyond 3 weeks then pls contact us and let us know. We will be happy to extend the hotel bookings contingent to hotels policies allowing us to do so.

Insurance Validity:

The insurance we provide is a valid one and can be used during your travel and stay. It meets all the Schengen visa requirements and is valid across all Schengen countries and international too. The signed insurance visa letter you receive from us is perfect for visa purposes.


Of course. Please send us an email or chat with us. We will be happy to provide one.

Yes, we have support to provide you reservations within 1 hr or 6hrs or 24 hrs. Just choose the right package and place the order. Our team is also available 24/7 over email, phone and online chat to serve you! If you need itinerary on demand(immediately) then you can place the order using online chat and we will email you the itinerary within minutes!

We don’t ask for any confidential information. All we need is

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your basic travel details for flights(Departing city, arrival city, departure dates) and hotels(City, check in and check out dates)


You got it right! Yes, we provide valid flight and hotel itineraries for any country. Doesn’t matter where you are from and what country you are traveling to, we make our best efforts to serve you with reservations that work best for any visa application.

The insurance we provide meets International and Schengen requirements. We are not responsible for any damages, deaths or medical claims during travel. All insurance related questions, claims, concerns or issues should be directly dealt with the insurance provider or the agent provided in the visa letter.

Absolutely! Feel free to let us know your preferred airlines while placing the order and we will try our best to honor your request.

That’s exactly why we are here for and why you should use our service! Yes, the reservations are perfectly acceptable.

The embassy actually recommends not purchasing actual tickets until the visa is approved.  We take away the overhead and ticket cancellation worries from you by making travel reservations on your behalf for a small service fee.

Moreover, see below that the Spain consulate doesn’t recommend you to purchase actual airline tickets until you get the visa.

Should I buy an airline ticket before the appointment? We recommend that you do not purchase travel tickets until your visa has been approved. On the other hand, you may provide us with a reservation, a planned itinerary or an online printout of a roundtrip ticket.” – Spain Embassy


No, there is no specific time period to order reservations on our website. However, we recommend you to use our services three to four days prior to the visa interview.

We provide flight reservations, hotel reservations, and travel insurance services for visa purposes along with free visa consultation, cover letter templates, and no objection letter templates. This service is for travelers applying for visas that require submitting confirmed flight and hotel reservations, and valid travel medical insurance. It is not for people who are planning to enter a country illegally or work illegally in a foreign country.

Travelers need a visa to travel to several countries. So we provide fast, affordable and reliable services to customers by providing supporting documents and arranging flight reservations, hotel bookings, and travel insurance meeting visa application requirements.

We also provide travel guides to customers upon request that will help them make the best use of their time and money during their stay in the city they are traveling to.

  1. Check what customers are saying about our services
  2. Our documents are authentic and perfect for any visa application purposes
  3. We provide 100% buyer protection through PayPal
  4. We take care of reservation cancellations at no additional cost to you
  5. We take away the risk from you and have you not spend thousands of dollars to hold the reservations
  6. We work with several airlines in our network
  7. We can accommodate multiple itinerary changes at no cost to you
  8. We have the ability to hold reservations for longer periods
  9. We can rebook the same itinerary with different airlines instantly
  10. We are available 24/7 to address your concerns including when you are outside the embassy looking for immediate assistance!


You are more than welcome to order unlimited flights and hotel reservations per complete trip. For multiple round trips, you have to place separate orders though. All the packages by default include upto 3 hotels. You can, however, add additional hotels for $10/hotel. All the hotel bookings come up with maximum 3 weeks of stay per hotel.

Absolutely. You can place an order on behalf of your friends, family or anyone. All you have to do is choose the right package, submit travel details and make the payment using the authorized payment source(Card or PayPal account).

Yes! you have the option to place an order for all the travelers at once. We can create one itinerary for all the travelers or separate itineraries per person. You just let us know your preference and we will be at your service!

Yes. The itinerary we provide will have traveler names printed on it.

Yes, we offer excellent group discount offers. When you select an appropriate number of travelers while filling the order form, you will see the discounted pricing.  All we want is you to relax and get the visa. Once you get the visa you can make your travel plans and enjoy a fun-filled trip with your friends or family.

It depends on the service option you choose. We have the support to email you the documents within 1 hr or 6 hrs or 24 hrs. Our team is also available 24/7 by email, phone, and online chat to assist you!


Most common reason for visa rejection is “Justification for the purpose and the condition of the intended stay was not provided”. Use these travel guides to create a powerful cover letter for visa and how you plan to spend your time during the trip.

The travel guides we provide have detailed information about various places, transportation details, restaurants, historical places etc. When you write a cover letter to the embassy about your purpose of the visit then you can use some of the information in the travel guides to show how you plan to spend your time while you are in the city so that your case looks more genuine.

No issues at all. We can help you with the changes and modifications as long as it is for the same trip. All the revisions will be emailed within 24 hours at no cost to you. However, If you would like to prioritize the revision request and wish to get the updated itinerary within 6 hrs, kindly pay using the below link

If you are not in rush, then you can submit your revision request using the below link to get the revised document within 24 hours at no cost.

Not to worry! We can help you with the changes and modifications. All the revisions will be emailed within 24 hours at no cost to you. However, If you would like to prioritize the revision request and wish to get the updated itinerary within 6 hrs, kindly pay using the below link

If you are not in rush, then you can submit your revision request using the below link to get the revised document within 24 hours at no cost.


You can pay with PayPal account, Debit or Credit card( Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). If you can’t pay using these options then reach out to us and we will provide you other options based on your situation.

We take care of all the cancellations of the reservations made on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about any additional cancellation fee or anything. What you pay is just the service fee to make the flight or hotel reservations. Once you get the visa, make your own travel plans, relax and enjoy your trip!

We provide refunds for flights and hotels when your visa is denied due to our itineraries and reasons within the scope of our services only. You should provide us the complete letter of rejection stamped and signed by the embassy authority as a single scanned attachment with the name of the beneficiary reflecting on it, to process your refund request. Insurance can be canceled and the insurance amount will be refunded after deducting the service and insurance cancellation fee.

Pls refer to the up to date refund policy and terms and conditions before using our services.

Yes. We will email you the itinerary in the PDF format and you can just print it out and take it to the embassy to show it as a proof of travel arrangement.

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