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  • VR Team | Aug 15, 2017 | 2 comments

    The Complete Slovenia Visa Requirements Checklist

    Planning your trip to Slovenia? You can simply be assured that you’ve chosen one of the best places in the world for your vacation! Now, all you need to think about is, how to meet the Slovenia Visa requirements and get your visa to Slovenia approved.

    A perfect concoction of the wild, natural beauty, the rustic landscapes, and elegantly sophisticated towns, Slovenia, literally, brings heaven on earth. While you can enjoy the serenity of the country, Slovenia is also one of the best outdoor destinations in the world, where the options for activities like skiing, hiking and cycling are endless. So, if you prefer an active holiday, you don’t have to think twice about your destination!

    Being one of the richest Slavic countries, Slovenia is also home to prominent motor vehicle companies, machinery units, pharmaceuticals, fuel, and electric and electronic equipment companies. So, as a business visitor too, you have lots of opportunities awaiting you in Slovenia.

    That being said, the Slovenia Visa requirements can be pretty stringent, primarily because, it is a member nation of the Schengen area. This means, you’ll need to apply for a Schengen visa at the Slovenian Embassy or Consulate. If you’re unsure what are the requirements to obtain the Schengen visa to Slovenia, please don’t fret. Here is your complete checklist of Slovenia Visa requirements:


    The visa procedures can become a little tiresome, unless you’re familiar with the Slovenia visa requirements. So, cheer up, as you don’t have to search anywhere else for these details. All the guidelines for obtaining the requirements have been provided below.

    Since Schengen visa is required for a temporary stay in Slovenia, you need to choose the purpose as well as the period of your stay in Slovenia first.

    You can categorise the documents into two sets— the mandatory requirements and the supporting documents. Whichever type your visa is, be it a job visa, student visa, tourist visa or a business visa, the mandatory Slovenia visa requirements are almost the same:-

    An application form: You need to download a Schengen visa application form for Slovenia visa and then fill it with utmost sincerity and honesty. You can even fill it using a pen, but the ideally, you may fill it digitally. Either way, you have to sign the form when ready for submission.

    A passport: It is compulsory to submit your original passport, which is valid for a minimum of 3 months after your return from the trip. Don’t forget to check if your visa has at least 2 blank pages for the entry and exit to be recorded. If not, you’ll have to obtain a new passport before the application.

    Photographs: You need to attach 2 recently taken passport-sized, front-facing photographs. Keep the background plain and light.

    Travel medical insurance: You need to submit a Travel medical insurance with at least 30,000EUR coverage. This is one of the important Slovenia visa requirements and an assurance to the embassy that you have enough coverage to afford any medical emergencies that may arise during your stay in Slovenia.

    Return flight tickets: You can either submit a booked flight ticket or just an itinerary from your travel agency. Since taking an actual flight ticket can be quite risky, particularly if the return dates could possibly change, it is always recommended to submit a flight itinerary instead. However, ensure that the itinerary has all the details of the trip, including the dates of your journey and the places you intend to visit.

    Proof of accommodation: It is also necessary that you provide the proof of the arrangements made for your stay in Slovenia. This simply means that you need to reserve your hotel rooms for the entire period of your visit, before obtaining the visa. If you’re not lodging at a hotel, and instead plan on staying at your relative’s or friend’s place in Slovenia, you will have to affix the invitation letter from the host mentioning the dates you intend to stay as well as the contact information of the host.

    Proof of financial subsistence: When you’re planning to visit a foreign country, it’s always crucial for the diplomatic office of that country to ensure that you have enough funds to cover the whole trip. That is why, the proof of financial subsistence is one of the mandatory Slovenia visa requirements. You can submit your bank statement for the past 6 months, along with your Income Tax Returns certificate in order to show your current financial health.

    Personal Covering letter: Even though all the details are made clear through the documents, the Embassy would still require the applicant to provide some summarised details about the trip to Slovenia. So, in your covering letter, you can include all the important details, such as the dates of the journey, places you intend to visit, and the arrangements made for the accommodation and transportation. Duly sign the letter once drafted. If in case the applicant is a minor, it’s the parents/guardians who are supposed to sign the letter on behalf of the minor applicant.


    Even when all the mandatory documents are submitted, there are certain supporting documents that the Slovenian Embassy may request you to furnish. To avoid any last-minute hassle collecting those documents, we recommend you to collect these additional documents to support the basic requirements:

    • Photocopies of all the previous passports.
    • No Objection Letter from an employer or school/university. It should clearly state that your higher officials are supportive of you travelling to Slovenia for the particular duration.
    • If you can’t get an NOC, a leave approval from your office for the duration of your visit can be submitted.
    • Proof of civil status showing whether you’re married or not. Some of the documents you can provide are; your marriage certificate, ration card, your birth certificate, spouse’s death certificate, or your child’s birth certificate.
    • If you have submitted the actual return tickets and not the itinerary, you can add the flight itinerary from your travel agency along with the rest of the Slovenia visa requirements. Though it’s not mandatory, if you have your tickets already submitted, it definitely benefits the visa application procedure.
    • The proof of your permanent address, such as your land deed, property lease agreement, electricity bill or water bill.
    • If you’re a student and the purpose of your travel is related to academics or research, you need to carry your enrollment records, certificates of the courses completed, and the admission details.
    • For business visits, you will have to submit your employment contract with the Slovenian company to prove the purpose of your visit.

    Now that you’ve everything you need to know about Slovenia Visa requirements, you can collect all these documents and arrange for your visa interview. We understand that some of the documents can be a little harder for you to obtain on your own. That’s why, we can help you out. Our friendly support crew can make all the arrangements for your dummy flight reservationhotel reservation for visa or your travel insurance that is valid in all the Schengen countries! Simply contact us using this link to know more about the services we offer.

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