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  • VR Team | Sep 18, 2017 | 0 comments

    A Complete Handbook To Slovakia Visa Requirements – Visa Reservation

    Planning a trip to Slovakia is such a thrill, but applying for the visa can be a totally different story altogether. In order to get a visa to Slovakia, you need to fulfil certain Slovakia visa requirements during your visa application process. This can be a bit more challenging than a normal visa, as Slovakia is a part of the Schengen area countries.

    What’s a Schengen area? Well, the Schengen area consists of 26 European countries, currently, that part of the Schengen area agreement of 1985. This agreement mostly abolished the legal checks between these countries. So, this means, if you travel from one Schengen area country to another one, you don’t need to have a separate visa altogether — only one Schengen visa is sufficient!
    When you have such a freedom to travel between these countries, the visa, obviously, becomes tougher to obtain. However, don’t worry, as everything you need to know about Slovakia visa requirements is right here. You just need to be ready with all the below-mentioned requirements while applying for a Schengen visa to Slovakia, and be sure of your chances of getting your visa approved!


    The visa approval process can get tiresome if you don’t do it systematically. And, that’s what we have in this article about all the guidelines you need before applying for your visa. When you apply for the visa, you have to submit a set of documents that prove that you are qualified enough to travel to Portugal.
    Since Schengen visa is meant for a temporary stay, it could either be a short-stay visa for a trip duration below 3 months or a long-stay visa for stays more than 90 days. There are many kinds of Schengen visa types and each type requires different documents. So, you have to choose your visa category, be it job visa, student visa, tourist visa, or business visa. You also need to understand the purpose of your visit before collecting the documents. On the other hand, all the mandatory documents are the same for all visa types, which are discussed below:

    1) An application form: Filling out the application form is one of the most important Slovakia visa requirements, as you need to be extremely careful and honest about what you mention in the application. You can fill the form electronically, then take a printout of the form and duly sign it. If you fill the application after getting the printout, ensure that you use a blue ink pen while filling the details.

    2) A valid Passport: It is compulsory that you provide your original passport along with the application form. If you have any previous passports that have been expired, you can even submit the photocopies of those passports to support the visa application. Remember that your current passport must is valid until 3 months after the date of your return. You’ll also need to ensure that there is at least 2 blank pages in it. In case any of these two requirements are not met, you need to apply for a new passport before applying for the interview.

    3) Biometric Photographs: Two passport-sized photographs need to be affixed along with your visa application. The two important things to keep in mind while taking a passport size photograph are;
    – ensure that the photographs have at least 75-80% face coverage
    – the photographs need to be taken in a plain and light background.

    4) Medical Insurance: Another important document to fulfil the Slovakia visa requirements is your medical insurance. You need to have a travel medical insurance that is valid in all the Schengen countries. So, ensure that you get one from a reliable travel agency, such as Visa Reservation. The insurance policy should cover at least 30,000EUR. This is an assurance for the Embassy that you have enough means to handle any unexpected illness or injury while you’re in Slovakia, you have enough means to handle it.

    5) Flight Reservation for visa: You need to provide your flight reservations, particularly for the return flight as a guarantee that you’ll be back to your native country after the trip. You don’t have to take the risk of booking a ticket before even getting the visa, as a flight itinerary from your travel agency will also be sufficient. Note that the flight itinerary has all the important details, such as the date of entry and exit from Slovakia, as well as the flight numbers.

    6) Proof of stay in Slovakia: You’ll also need to submit the proofs for the arrangements that you’ve made for your stay in Slovakia. This means, you have to make the hotel reservations for the entire trip before obtaining a visa, unless you plan to stay at your relative’s or a friend’s place. If you’re planning to stay at your relative’s or friend’s place, you’ll have to submit the invitation letter from them. Note that this invitation letter should contain the information about the duration of your stay at their place and their contact details.

    7) Covering letter: Covering letter is one of the mandatory Slovakia visa requirements, as it is a document that informs the Embassy about your journey plans, the purpose of your trip, as well as means of transport and accommodation. So, don’t forget to include all these details in your covering letter.


    While the aforementioned Slovakia visa requirements are extremely important for your visa application process, you may also need to provide additional documents to gain the trust of the Immigration officer going through your visa application. So, here are some documents that you’ll be asked to submit during the interview:

    1) No Objection Letter: This is a document that assures the Embassy that you have certain obligations in your home country, and you will certainly return back home. You can get the No Objection Letter from your employer. In case you’re a student, you’ll need to submit an NOC from your school/university.

    2) Proof showing your financial health: You will need to submit all the certificate that shows the means of your subsistence. This is a guarantee that you have enough means to financially cover the trip expenses, including the flight tickets, hotel reservations, and any other emergencies. For this, you can submit your income tax certificate for the past two years as well as the bank statements for the past three months.

    3) Enrollment certificate: If you’re a student and are planning for an academic-related visit to Slovakia, you need to furnish the enrollment documents for the course you’re pursuing now and the certificates for all the courses you’ve completed.

    4) Marital status proof: You must also submit the documents that prove your marital status. It can be a marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate or spouse’s death certificate in case you’re married, and your birth certificate if you’re single. Providing a ration card is also accepted as a proof of your civil status.

    Finally, enclose all the important Slovakia visa requirements and relevant documents in an envelope and hand it personally to the Immigration officer at the Embassy or Consulate of Slovakia. For the visa interview, you need to pay the visa fee first and schedule the interview in advance.

    If you need any further assistance regarding any Slovakia visa requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Along with a range of services, such as Schengen travel insurance or hotel reservation for visa, we have an outstanding team of experts that can assist you through the visa application process, so that you can get your visa without any hassle. Simply click on this link to get in touch with us and let us know your requirement!


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