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  • VR Team | Jun 20, 2017 | 4 comments

    Sample Letter of No Objection Certificate From Employer

    Applying for a visa all by yourself can be a hefty affair. This can particularly be true if you don’t have a first hand experience with applying before. Even though you have most of the documents you need right away, there are certain documents, such as the No Objection Certificate from employer that needs to be collected from your company or the flight reservation for visa you need to make well before you apply for the visa.

    The No Objection Certificate from employer is one of those important documents most people tend to miss out on or get wrongly done. If you’ve tried digging the internet for the right format for No Objection Certificate, you’ll know that the results can be very vague and quite confusing. Moreover, there are very less templates available for very specific reasons such as no objection certificate for obtaining a visa.

    We’re aware of the challenges that you have to go through and we, certainly, have the solutions to those. So, as you’ve already landed at the right place, let us help you out a bit with your application for a visa by providing some quick guidelines as well as some of the best sample templates for the No Objection Certificate from employer!


    The No Objection Certificate from employer, as the name suggests is letter, provided by your employer stating that the company has no objection towards you traveling abroad. The letter also assures that you are permitted by the company to visit a foreign country for a specific period of time and does not have any intentions of staying back in their country.

    Through the No Objection Certificate, the company not just declares that you have the the approved leaves for the visit, but also the necessary funds to support you through the entirety of your travel. Since no government would want to intake potentially troublesome visitors who don’t abide by their laws, the No Objection Certificate from employer will do the job of guaranteeing the visiting country’s government that you won’t be a burden to their country after reaching there.

    So, while arranging for your employer to write to the consulate or embassy, it is best if you could draft the letter by yourself or copy and fill up a good ‘No Objection Certificate from employer’ template, and get it duly signed and sealed by your employer. If you’re still worried, don’t be. Here are some basic guidelines that you can check to make sure everything’s done correctly:

    Writing on company letterhead: Like most professional business letters, you should also stick to the standards by writing the No Objection Certificate on your company’s letterhead.

    Striking the right tone: An NOC is naturally supposed to be written in a clear and concise tone without having too much of narration. Just be formal is all that is to be said here.

    Including the key information: While keeping it formal, you must not forget to address the key information that includes:

    1. Name and designation of the applicant employed by the company
    2. Purpose and duration of the international tour to the visiting country
    3. Annual/monthly salary of the employee
    4. Declaration of no objection against the employee’s international visit
    5. Mention of leave approval for the complete duration of the travel

    Closing the letter: Since the letter has to be verified by the immigration office, you’ll need to close it off by including the employer’s signature and full name, address of the company, and finally, the official round seal of the company.

    For easing you through your visa application process, we have also prepared some sample templates for No Objection Certificate from employer that you can use for your reference. You can even copy them and mail the format to your employer, so that you get the task done fairly quickly.

    Schengen Travel Health Insurance


    Name of the Employer,
    Full Address of your company

    (Today’s date)

    Full Address of the Embassy/Consulate

    Subject: No Objection Certificate for (Employee’s Name)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This letter is to confirm that Mr./Mrs. _________ is an employee with our company since _____ on a full-time basis. He is currently working as a ________(designation) at ________(company name) and his annual salary is USD _____ P.A.

    Mr./Mrs. ______ has expressed his/her interest in visiting _______(name of the country you’re visiting) for leisure and tourism purpose. Our company has no objection regarding his visit to ______(name of the country) for _____ days.

    I’d also like to let you know that his/her leaves have been approved from ______ (leave starting date) to _______(leave ending date) for this overseas trip. We’re expecting Mr./Mrs._______ to report for work on _____ (date) on the expiry of his approved leave.

    If your office requires any further details for enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

    Yours sincerely,

    (undersigned, with round seal of the office/department along with stamp)

    Name of the employer,
    Company Name.

    Flight reservation without payment


    Name of the Employer,
    Full Address of your company

    (Today’s date)

    Full Address of the Embassy/Consulate

    Subject: No Objection Certificate for (Employee’s Name)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This letter is to formally introduce Mr./Mrs._______, who holds the position of ______ (designation) with ___________(name of the company), is visiting ________(city and country) on ______ (date). We do not have any objection regarding his overseas business visit.

    During his stay in ______(country), Mr./Mrs ___________ will be attending certain business meetings with _________ (name of client) as a representative of our company.

    Since the meetings are strictly related to sales, it would not involve any kind of technical training or assistance. The stay in _______ (country) would not exceed the legally permitted period, and Mr._______ does not have any intentions of immigrating to ______(country).

    Furthermore, the company is completely taking responsibility of all the expenses during his stay in _______(country), including the flight tickets from ______(home country) to _____(visiting country) and back.

    Your assistance in granting him a visa would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,

    (undersigned, with round seal of the office/department along with stamp)

    Name of the employer,
    Company Name

    So, that’s all to it. If you had been overwhelmed by the difficulty of finding sample templates for a No Objection Certificate, you’d be surprised by now, to know that it was this simple a task!

    In case you need a personalized No Objection Certificate from employer, we have a very friendly support staff that can take care of it — simply inform us about it while selecting the right package for your flight itinerary for visa or hotel booking. For more information, contact us right away!

    Last Updated: July 4th 2023

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    VR Team

    Thanks for reaching out. It would be the immigration of intending country.

    VR Team


    Moses A

    Which of the immigration dept; is it d immigration of d intending country or d immigration of your present country of abode that check ones NOC letter?



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