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    Quintessential Guide To Poland Visa Requirements

    If you’re planning your trip to Poland, remember that you’ll be stepping foot on one of Europe’s greatest post-WWII success stories! From a country populated with poverty-stricken people starving for food, Poland has had a great comeback to become a business hub and an industrial hotspot. Poland Visa requirements are also pretty stringent, particularly because it is part of the Schengen Agreement, along with 25 other European countries.

    Tourism to Poland can certainly be an eye opener into the history of torture. With the trails of the Holocaust everywhere, you can walk through Poland’s history at your own pace. However, if you think all you get to see in Poland is the leftover of the dark ages along with some modern business centres, you’re wrong. The Carpathian Mountains, the lush forests, rivers, and lakes will give you an impression that a large portion of Poland has been untainted and remote. The castles and other architectural remnants of Kraków, Poland’s former capital city and the historic Gdańsk boast the tastes of the Gothic extravagance as well as the modern art styles bestowed by the Renaissance era.

    You might have already prepared your trip itinerary to Poland by now, and probably, only the visa application is remaining. So, this article covers everything you need to know about Poland Visa requirements and how to apply for a visa. Sounds interesting? Read on!


    While applying for a visa to Poland, there is a list of mandatory documents that you need to furnish. These act as a trust-factor for the Polish Embassy to accept you as a visitor to Poland.

    Visa Application Form: Since Poland is a Schengen area country, you need to fill the Schengen visa form to apply. You can download the visa application form and fill it electronically or after getting a printout. It is the most basic document while applying for the visa. So, you need to be careful to give all the necessary details without making any mistake. It must be filled with a blue ink pen and duly signed by the applicant before submission.

    Travel document: The passport is one of the most important Poland visa requirements. It should be valid for a period of at least 3 months after your return date. You will also need to ensure that there are at least two blank pages for marking the entry and exit from Poland.

    Biometric Photo: You need two passport-size photographs that follow the Schengen visa specifications, as part of the Poland visa requirements.

    Visa Fee: You’ll also be required to provide the visa fee at the Embassy before the interview.

    Health insurance policy: A travel insurance covering at least 30,000EUR is one of the inevitable Poland visa requirements, since it is an assurance that you can afford any medical emergency that comes your way. Remember that the medical insurance should be valid across all the Schengen area countries.


    Apart from the essential documents, you may also be requested to carry certain extra documents part of the Poland visa requirements. These supporting documents can make your visa application process quite faster and you also stand a higher chance of getting your visa approved.

    Flight reservation for visa: Since there can be certain emergencies that require you to change your travel dates or times, it is quite risky to book the tickets before the visa approval. So, we strongly recommend submitting a flight itinerary from travel agency, instead of an actual ticket. When you submit the itinerary, just make sure that it has all the details such as the date of departure and flight numbers.

    Proof of accommodation: You’ll be asked to furnish the details of your accommodation in Poland. This simply means that you’ll have to make arrangements for the entire period you’re staying in Poland, prior to applying for the visa, and submit the hotel reservation proof for the length of your stay. If you’re intending to stay at your relative’s, friends’ or even sponsors place, you’ll have to prove it by providing an invitation letter from them, along with their contact details.

    Covering letter: The duly signed covering letter should include all the details about your trip, including the purpose of your visit, the dates of your entry and exit from Poland, the places you’re planning to visit, the modes of transportation. The letter should also include your willingness to leave the Schengen territory once your visa is expired.

    Proof of your financial health: You need to submit certain proofs to assure that you have enough funds that can cover all the cost from the time you enter Poland until you leave the Schengen territory. The proof can be any of the documents like your Income Tax Certificate for the past two years and the bank statements for the past 3 months, duly signed and sealed from your bank.

    Marital Status Proof: It is one of the non-mandatory Poland visa requirements that you’ll need to submit to show whether you’re married or not. You can submit your marriage certificate, spouse’s death certificate, child’s birth certificate, or ration card, if you’re married. If you’re married, a birth certificate would suffice.

    No Objection Letter: The No Objection Letter is a very powerful document that assures the Embassy that you have responsibilities in your home country and you’ll be returning back home after the visit. The NOC from your employer (or school/university if you’re a student) should state that your employer or institution does not have any objection towards your trip and that you have enough leave approvals for the entire duration of the trip.

    When you’re ready with all these important Poland visa requirements, recheck whether you’ve missed out on any of these documents. Once you’ve ensured that everything is included, you can slip these documents in an envelope and hand it personally to the Immigration officer during the interview. Note that you need to pay the visa application fee before booking an appointment for the interview.

    Visiting Poland is definitely rewarding, as it leaves a lasting imprint on your heart and soul. On the other hand, if you find any of the Poland Visa requirements to be a bit difficult to obtain, worry not! Our team of visa experts can help you out with everything along your visa application, such as getting a flight reservation for visa or travel insurance that covers all the Schengen countries. We’re sure to make your visa application as smooth as it can be!


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