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    The Absolute Guide To Mexico Visa Requirements – Visa Reservation

    Home to one of the World’s greatest civilizations — the Aztecs and the Mayans, Mexico is a dream destination for any visitor. Mexico visa requirements are quite elaborate, but the destination is so good that you should visit the place at least once in your lifetime. From Salma Hayek to Frida and tacos to tequila, there is something that excites everyone when they think about Mexico.

    If you’re planning a visit to Mexico, there are a lot more exciting activities and adventures awaiting you — a visit to the mysterious highlands of Chiapas and the ruins of the Mayan-Aztec civilization, a trip to the jungles and the volcanoes, a ride along the cactus-strewn deserts, and the famous local cultures of the Mexicans!

    So, without further ado, let’s jump right on to more information about the Mexico visa requirements that you need to fulfil for your trip to this amazing country.


    If you’re planning a leisure trip to Mexico and you already a Green Card holder (valid visa to the USA) or a Permanent Residency visa holder to the UK, Canada, or Schengen area, you do not need any visa to Mexico for tourist, business, or transit purposes. However, if you don’t have one, you can easily get a visa by applying for a visa at the Mexican Embassy in your country. For this, you’ll need to submit the following mandatory Mexico visa requirements:

    1. Visa application form: The application form for the visa is one of the most important Mexico visa requirements that you’ll need to submit when you apply for the visa at the Mexican Embassy. So, ensure that you have entered the accurate information, which matches the information available from your other supporting documents. You can take a printout of the visa application form from the Embassy website in your country. Remember that the form has to be printed on a single page (on both the sides).
    2. Valid passport: A valid passport is a quintessential requirement for an international trip. In order to apply for a visa to Mexico, you’ll need to submit your passport for verification, along with the rest of your documents. The validity of your passport should extend to at least 6 months from the date of your return flight from Mexico. It should also have two blank pages to enter your entry and exit from the country.
    3. Passport-sized photograph: The passport-sized photograph is one of the most important biometric information that you need to submit for verification. You have to affix the photograph on the visa application form. Ideally, your passport-sized photograph should adhere to the internationally-accepted standards, which means:
      1. The size of the photo needs to be 35 x 45 mm.
      2. Your face should be clearly in focus with at least 75-80% face coverage.
      3. The photo needs to be taken in colour.
    4. Photocopy of passport: The photocopy of your passport’s first and last page is one of the important Mexico visa requirements that you should submit along with the other mandatory documents.
    5. Proof of means of subsistence: The proof of means of subsistence is the proof showing that you have enough funds to complete the entire trip, without having to ask for any financial assistance from anyone. In order to prove this, you can provide your bank statement for the past six months. While providing the bank statement, ensure that it is duly signed by the bank branch manager and has the round seal of that particular bank branch. You will also need to provide your Income Tax Returns Form or Form 16 for one year as proof of sufficient funds.
    6. Visa fee: The visa fee for your application, as per the current rate is USD 39 or equivalent in local currency.


    Additionally, you’ll also need to fulfill certain additional Mexico visa requirements, which should answer some of the important questions like where will you stay, when will you leave Mexico, and how will you cover your expenses. Here are the important additional documents that you’ll need to submit along with your visa application form:

    1. Hotel reservation receipt: The hotel reservation receipt or any other proof of accommodation is an important Mexico visa requirement. This declares that you have made all the necessary arrangements for the entire duration of your stay in Mexico. If you are planning to stay at your friend’s, relative’s, or sponsor’s house during the entire period you’re in Mexico, you need to provide the Mexican identity proof or residency permit as proof of your accommodation.
    2. Proof of return journey: The proof of return journey is the most important document that shows your intention to leave Mexico once the purpose of your trip is accomplished. This is a very important document that proves that you don’t have any intention to stay back in Mexico and create a burden for their country. You can provide the return flight ticket for this. However, since it is a risk in case of tentative return dates or schedules, you might need to get a flight itinerary for visa application from a reliable visa reservation agent, such as Visa Reservation. This will prevent any huge loss, in case you miss the return flight.
    3. Covering letter: A covering letter is a very important Mexico visa requirement. You should write a covering letter addressing the Embassy/Consulate of Mexico briefly explaining why you’re travelling to Mexico. You should also include the dates of entering and exiting Mexico, important places that you’re visiting, persons you’re meeting with, the duration of your stay, and your accommodation arrangements in Mexico.
    4. NOC or Leave approval: If you’re an employee, you need to provide a ‘No Objection Certificate’ or a leave approval from your employer, stating that they do not have any objections towards you travelling to Mexico. It should also mention your full name, designation, salary, and the number of days approved for the trip. Similarly, if you’re a student, you’ll need to obtain an NOC from your current educational institution.

    Since there are a lot of important Mexico visa requirements that you need to submit, it is oftentimes a bit confusing. However, don’t worry. You can make a checklist of these documents and start collecting them as early as possible. This prevents the hassles during the last minute. In case you need any assistance regarding this, you can always reach out to us. Along with an expert guidance during your visa application procedure, we also provide personalized packages for various requirements such as travel insurance or an itinerary for visa. All you have to do is, drop us a message using our contact page and our representatives will get in touch with you soon!


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