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    A Complete Guide To Liechtenstein Visa Requirements

    Travelling to Liechtenstein can be an exploration into a fairytale land that reclines in its beautiful meadows, hillocks, and whimsically-turreted chateaus, and still ruled by an iron-willed monarch from his quaint medieval castle. If you plan on visiting this mythical micro-nation, situated between Austria and Switzerland, you’ll need to, first, fulfil certain Liechtenstein visa requirements.

    Liechtenstein comes under the Schengen area agreement of 1985, which was based on the idea of ‘Europe without borders.’ So, instead of a particular tourist/business visa for Liechtenstein, you’ll just need a Schengen visa for your visit. If Liechtenstein is your first point of entry or the intended country of visit, you’ll need to apply for the Schengen visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Liechtenstein.

    The Liechtenstein visa requirements are similar to that of any other Schengen country. In reality, it is just the same visa, except for the fact that you have to get it from the Liechtenstein diplomatic office. It also means, once you obtain the Schengen visa, you can visit Liechtenstein or any other Schengen country with the same visa!

    If you’re unsure about the Liechtenstein visa requirements that you’ll be asked to furnish, don’t fret! Simply read on to find every information you need to know about Liechtenstein visa requirements:


    There are a lot of visa types available depending on the purpose of your trip. Although, different visa categories require different documents, some of the Liechtenstein visa requirements are applicable to all categories. All the temporary visa types, irrespective of the stay duration, like job visa, tourist visa, student visa, and business visa have similar Liechtenstein visa requirements, which are:

    1. Application form – Download an application form for Liechtenstein visa, fill it and print the completed form. Sign the application in the required places.

    2. Passport – Submit your original passport, which is valid until 3 months from the date of return. If you don’t have at least 2 blank pages left, you may need to obtain a new passport before the interview.

    3. Photographs – Affix two recently taken passport-sized photographs along with the application form. Ensure that the photos have a full face coverage and a light background.

    4. Return tickets – You need to provide flight tickets reserved for the return from Liechtenstein while applying for a visa. If you’re not sure about the date of return, instead of booking an actual ticket, simply get an authentic flight itinerary from a trusted travel agency such as Visa Reservation. Make sure that the dates and flight numbers are clearly mentioned in it. This way, you can save yourself from drilling a hole in your pocket, in case your return dates change.

    5. Certificate of financial stability – It is also necessary for you to submit documents stating that you’re financially ready for the trip. This ensures the diplomatic office that you won’t need further assistance till you return to your native country. Income tax return certificate for the last two years or bank statements of the latest 3 months that is duly signed and sealed by the bank would be enough to prove this.

    6. Travel medical insurance – Travel Insurance is one of the essential supporting document in the list of Liechtenstein visa requirements. This is important in order to ensure that you have enough financial backup, even during emergencies on the trip, like falling sick or getting injured. Hence, you need to furnish your travel medical insurance, which covers at least 30,000 EUR and is valid in all Schengen countries.

    7. Proof of hotel reservations – You need to make lodging arrangements for the entire trip before applying for a visa, as you need to attach these details along with the visa application form. Providing the proof of hotel reservation for visa is standard in such cases. However, if you’re staying at a friend’s or a relative’s place, you can choose to submit an invitation letter as the proof.

    8. Personal Covering letter – Although you’re providing all the important documents, you’re also required to provide a duly-signed trip summary, which contains all the important details about your trip.

    9. Additional proofs – Attaching proofs of your marital status and permanent address, along with the rest of the details, will add a trust factor to your application. For this, you’ll just need to submit copies of your ration card, marriage certificate/birth certificate (depending on whether you’re married or not), deed/lease of your property, or even bills such as electricity bill or water bills.


    Once you’re ready with all the basic documents, you may also need to collect some additional Liechtenstein visa requirements, depending on the purpose and duration of your trip:

    Business Purposes: If you’re travelling to Liechtenstein for business purposes, you must submit your employment contract along with the application. You must also attach an invitation letter from the Liechtenstein company you intend to visit. To make it more reliable, you can attach a No Objection Certificate from your employer stating the purpose of your visit.

    Visiting Family/Friends: If you’re visiting a family or friend in Liechtenstein, then you need to an invitation letter from the host. Ensure that the invitation letter has all the important details, such as the address of the host, identity card details, and contact phone numbers. Also, affix attested photocopies of your passport to your original passport.

    Minor Applicants: There can be certain cases where an applicant, under the age of 18 is travelling alone. In such situations, the minor applicant is required to attach the passport copies of both the parents or a guardian. The application form should also be duly signed by the parents or the guardian. Since the child wouldn’t probably have a means of financial subsistence, the proof must be of the parent.

    Educational Purposes: If you are planning to travel to Liechtenstein for higher education or research purposes, you need to apply for a Student visa. Since the duration of student visa may vary according to the type of course/research you’re pursuing in Liechtenstein, you must be specific about the duration of your study period.

    To obtain a student visa for a stay within 180 days, you must enclose all the following certificates:

    • Original admission letter from the university, college or center you’re planning to continue your studies.
    • An initiation letter providing details such as address and valid contact information of the university or college
    • No Objection Letter from the concerned authorities in your native country stating that they don’t have any objections regarding your travel to Liechtenstein.
    • The proof of all your previous courses completed, specifying your academic qualification.
    • Certificates of financial credibility and accommodation details for the whole period of stay.

    If your Student visa period extends for more than 6 months, you must enclose certain additional documents along with the above-mentioned requirements. It includes a recent medical certificate, stating that the applicant does not have any deadly or contagious disease and is free to travel abroad. You might also need to get a Police Clearance Certificate from a competent authority, who is legalised by the foreign affairs ministry or diplomatic office of your home country. Remember that these certificates must not be older than 3 months.

    Once you’re ready with all these Liechtenstein visa requirements, you can apply for the visa without any further hassle. We understand that obtaining many of the aforementioned documents can be a bit challenging for you. That’s exactly why Visa Reservation provides expert assistance for all your visa requirements, such as getting a suitable Travel Insurance policy, dummy flight reservation or hotel reservation for visa. All you have to do is, simply contact us and let us know your requirements!


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