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  • VR Team | Sep 28, 2019 | 0 comments

    I’m applying for Schengen visa at Italian Consulate in San Francisco, California. Can I use your services ?

    For flights and hotels requirements – NO, we can’t assist you

    For Insurance requirements – YES, we can assist you

    Italian consulate in San Francisco accepts only e-tickets that are fully paid for. They do not accept flight reservations or hotel reservations unlike most of the other Schengen embassies.

    Hence, we suggest you to:

    a) Purchase refundable flight tickets directly with the airlines to meet their requirement. Especially, the thirteen-digit e-ticket number must be visible and legible on the flight tickets

    b) Book hotel rooms directly with the hotels and get the confirmation letter directly from the hotel to meet their requirements

    We provide flight itinerary and not fully paid tickets(e-tickets) as part of our services.


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