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    How to Get a Germany Work Visa – Schengen Visa – Visa Reservation

    How to get a Germany work visa For a lot of people, Germany is a lucrative country to move to, to get a new job. This holds true for both European nationals as well as those from outside Europe. But depending on your nationality, to be able to work in Germany, you need to obtain a Germany work visa that allows you to reside in the country long term and also secure a job.

    European Union nationals and people from Switzerland do not need a visa to live and work in Germany. If you fall in this category, all you need to do is hold a valid passport when moving into Germany. However, if you are a non-EU national, you must have the proper visa in order to live and work in Germany. A short term visa will not let you live there or allow you to convert it into a residence permit. So when you are applying for a visa, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right visa and fulfilling all the necessary criterion. In this article we will discuss in depth what are the different kinds of employment permits available, how you can get a Germany work visa and what requirements you need to fulfil to be eligible for them.


    Non-EU passport holders have to mandatorily apply for and secure a Germany work visa before they can live and work in Germany. Before you begin the application process, you need to find out what are the different categories of visas available and which category you are eligible for.

    General employment visa – This visa is most suitable for those who have already secured a position with a company in Germany and need to get a visa to start working and residing in the country. These visas are handed out to applicants based on two important factors – vocational qualification and confirmed job offer from a company. So if you do not fulfill either of the two conditions, your chances of getting a general employment visa is very little. To apply for this category of Germany work visa, two copies of each of the following documents need to be submitted to the embassy –

    • Application form for a residence permit
    • Two passport size, colour photos
    • Valid passport
    • Two copies of vocational qualification
    • Letter of intent or contract offered by a company in Germany containing a detailed description of the employment

    Specialist Professional visa – This visa category has been created for professionals with specialized skills in various domains like education, research, science or even corporate. You can apply for this visa if you specifically fall under any of these categories –

    • Graduates with special professional knowledge and experience
    • University teachers with specialised knowledge and many years of experience
    • Experienced managers with a job offer carrying a salary of not less than 86,400 Euros annually

    In addition to this, the embassy also requires the applicant to show that they are willing to and will be able to assimilate into the German society and will have sufficient funds to maintain himself and any dependant family members, if any. To apply for this type of Germany work visa, you will need to submit the following documents to the embassy –

    • Application form for a residence permit
    • Two passport size color photos
    • Valid passport
    • Documentation of your professional knowledge and experience
    • Letter of intent or contract offered to you by a German employer, including a detailed description of the employment

    Self-employment visa – To be able to obtain this visa, the first and foremost requirement is to propose a viable business idea that satisfies a few criterion – fulfils a certain need of the German economy or society, has a positive economic impact, and be self-funded or already have funding from an organization. The embassy will review your business proposition based on the following criteria, which if fulfilled will make you eligible for this category of Germany work visa.

    • Viability of your business plan
    • Your relevant business experience
    • Amount to be invested in Germany
    • Impact of your business project on employment and skills
    • Contribution of your project to innovation and research

    If you are eligible, the following documents will have to be submitted to the embassy –

    • Complete application form for a residence permit
    • Two passport size color photos
    • Valid passport
    • Detailed description of your business project, including an expectation of how your project meets the above mentioned criterion
    • Proof that you possess the necessary capital for the business
    • If you are over 45 years of age, you must also provide evidence of adequate pension means

    Based on your background and what career you want to pursue, you can choose one of these three visas to get an entry into Germany and work there. Earlier, foreign nationals had to apply for separate permits – one for residence and another for employment. That’s not the case any more. Based on a directive from the European Union, Germany now allows migrants to live and work by applying for one Germany work visa. This has made the visa process much more convenient and straightforward. This single permit is applicable for two categories of foreign nationals:

    • Non-EU nationals who intend to enter Germany for work and residence,
    • Non-EU nationals, already residing in Germany with access to German jobs

    Once approved, the single Germany work visa gives rights to non-EU workers, equal to German citizens.


    This is a common question we get from many applicants who are either planning to apply for a Germany work visa or have already secured one. Once your visa is approved by the embassy, the next obvious question is whether your spouse and children can accompany you with the same visa. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave them behind! The good news is that you can bring them both with you to Germany if you fulfil a few criterion.

    • You must be a German resident permit holder
    • Proof of renting adequate accommodation for family
    • Proof of funds or income to sustain family Spouse must be at least 18 years of age
    • If you are a single parent, you must have full custody of the child you want to bring along

    We hope this article helps you and inspires you to take your Germany work visa application forward and lets you live your dreams! In case you are looking for a Germany tourist visa, refer to our article here.


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