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  • VR Team | Sep 29, 2017 | 0 comments

    Canada Visa Requirements You Need To Know – Visa Reservation

    So, you’re finally about to fulfill your childhood dream of travelling abroad? If you’ve chosen Canada, that’s a great choice. However, there’s one thing that you need to know when you set your plans for your Canada visit — the Canada visa requirements for your visit.

    Canada is an amazing country and is one of the hot spots of tourism in the recent times. This is mainly because, it is an advanced nation with great cultures, amazing people, as well as stunning landscapes and outdoor locations. The immense opportunities, favorable Government policies, ideal conditions for pursuing your education and job has all factored in turning Canada into a hub of international visitors, that include tourists, migrant workers, businessmen, and students. So, if you’re visiting Canada, you can be sure that you’ll be warmly welcomed, provided you fulfill all the Canada visa requirements.

    In case you’re wondering what are the Canada visa requirements that you need to fulfill in order to crack the visa interview at the Canadian embassy, let us guide you through this.


    Since you’re applying for a visa to Canada, the first thing you need to decide is the purpose of your travel. You should be pretty clear about whether your purpose is for leisure tourism, further studies, or for business purposes, as the purpose can have a great impact on your visa approval status.

    Once you’ve set your purpose of the visit, you can start collecting the following documents and checking out each one as you go!

    1. Visa application: The visa application form is the most basic Canada visa requirement that you’ll need in order to get your visa. So, ensure that you fill the form with complete sincerity and honesty. You can either choose to fill the form electronically after downloading the form or you can take a printout and then fill it using a blue/black ink pen.
    2. Passport: The Passport should be submitted along with the visa application process. Before submitting, remember to check the validity of the passport that you’re currently having. If it is more than 10 years or if it expired before 6 months from the date of your return, it is likely to be rejected by the Canadian Embassy. Also, ensure that it has at least two blank pages to mark your arrival and departure from Canada.
    3. Recent Photographs: Two recent Passport-sized photographs that adhere to the international passports specifications, need to be affixed to your visa application form.
    4. Application fee: While submitting the visa application, along with your documents, you’ll need to submit an application fee. The cost may change depending on the country that you’re applying from and the duration and purpose of your visit. You can only proceed to the next round, which is the visa interview, once you submit the application fee at the Embassy.
    5. Proof showing your funds for the visit: While visiting any foreign country, you’ll need to have enough funds for your travel. In case you don’t have enough proof of the funding, your application may get rejected. So, ensure that you have the proof of enough funding, such as your bank statement for the past 6 months or your Income Tax Returns certificate. This is one of the mandatory Canada visa requirement that is mostly overlooked.
    6. Travel Itinerary: A round-trip travel itinerary or your flight tickets for the onward and return journey should be submitted along with the application form. This is to assure the embassy that you have plans to return to your home country, and not to stay back as an illegal migrant. Since booking the flight tickets for tentative dates is a big risk, you may ask a reputed Travel agency, such as Visa Reservation to obtain a dummy flight reservation that shows the dates and the flight numbers.


    Some of the documents are not mandatory asked, but it is always better to keep them in hand, since the Immigration officer can request for these at any time. So, here are some of the non-mandatory Canada visa requirements you could be asked to furnish:

    1. Identity Proofs: It is always important to carry all your important ID cards, such as your Driver’s license, national ID card, ration card, marital certificate, birth certificate, spouse’s death certificate, and so on while appearing for the visa interview.
    2. Proof of employment: If you’re visiting Canada for business purposes or on behalf of your employer, you need to carry the proof of your employment.
    3. Temporary resident visa: In case you’re the citizen of a different country and are applying for a visa from another country, other than your home country, you will need to have a temporary resident visa from the country that you’re applying from.
    4. Medical Certificate: Your medical certificate is very important to show that you’re healthy. Sometimes, the Embassy may request for the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, which has become very important recently. In the case of a Medical Visa, the Medical reports from your hospital is a mandatory Canada visa requirement.
    5. Invitation letter: Whether you’re visiting your friend’s or relative’s place in Canada or whether you’re on a business visit, you may be requested for an invitation letter. If you’re staying at the residence that belongs to your friend or relative, you need to carry an invitation letter from them. In case, you’re on a business visit, you’ll require the invitation letter from the company in Canada that you’re visiting.
    6. Hotel Reservation: If you’re staying in a hotel or paid accommodation during your visit, you’ll need to make the arrangements even before your visit. This is because, you’ll need to provide the proof of your hotel reservation while applying for the visa.
    7. For students permit: In case you’re applying for the Students Permit, you’ll need to provide additional proofs such as the enrollment proof, explanation letter from the institution that you’re enrolled in, your TOEFL/IELTS scores, academic certificates of all your previous education and work experience certificate, if applicable.

    How to apply for a Canadian visa?

    You can either apply online or through submitting the application form at the Embassy. Once the visa fee is paid, you can arrange for the visa interview. The only thing to note here is that you need to apply in person for the interview and carry all the necessary documents along with you.

    Now, that you’re pretty clear about the Canada visa requirements and application procedures, you can start collecting all the requirements before applying. However, we understand there can be certain challenges collecting some of those documents. That’s why we provide an array of visa services that include assisting you with obtaining your travel insuranceor hotel reservation for visa. So, you can now apply for a Canadian visa without any hassles, simply by telling your requirements through our contact us page! Our immigration specialists will get back to you soon.

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