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    Brazil Visa Guide – 5 Easy Steps to Apply for Brazilian Tourist and Travel Visa

    Even if you’ve never been to Brazil before, you know just how awesome it is. With thrilling annual carnivals in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, famous waterfalls like the Iguacu falls, and beautiful beaches on dazzling coastlines you can’t really go wrong with a visit there. Let’s not forget the staggering Amazon River where you can embark on a jungle tour and witness the amazing nature at every twist and turn. You’ll be amazed at everything this stunning country has to offer. In this article learn more about how to apply for Brazil Visa at the Brazilian embassies and consulates worldwide, Brazil visa appointment booking, Processing time at the Brazilian visa application center, Brazil visa application form, apply from USA, India, China, Philippines, Russia, Brazil visa application requirements, itinerary or round trip ticket booking or flight reservation, Brazilian visa types, Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation.

    Brazil Visa

    Applying for Brazil visa

    Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa to enter Brazil for tourist or business purposes for up to a maximum of 90 days:

    Brazil Visa Eligibility

    Please read the respective superscript notes below for the above countries:

    1 refers to – Nationals of Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom are permitted to stay in Brazil for a maximum of 90 days. For other European Union citizens, a stay of up to 3 months during a 6-month period is allowed
    2 refers to – For stays up to 90 days during a 180-day period
    3 refers to – For tourism, a stay of up to 90 days. For business, a stay of up to 14 days, which can be extended up to 90 days every 12 months
    4 refers to – For stays up to 60 days
    5 refers to – For stays up to 30 days
    ID refers to – May enter with an ID card only
    T refers to – Visa-free for tourism purposes only

    Holders of diplomatic and/or service passports from the following countries can also enter Brazil without a visa:

    Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, China, Cuba, Congo, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, India, Iran, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal. Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saint Lucia, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia

    Holders of diplomatic or service passports of countries exempt from tourist visas (listed above) also do not require a visa, except those of Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, and New Zealand.

    All other nationalities must be in possession of a valid visa which can be obtained from any of the Brazilian Embassies or Consulate Generals around the world.

    Nationals of Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States of America can apply for an electronic visa if they are traveling to Brazil for tourist or business reasons.

    Types of visas for Brazil

    There are several types of visas for Brazil and your reason for traveling to Brazil will determine the one you need to apply for:

    1) Visit visa – for the purposes of tourism, business, transit, artistic and sports events, study, volunteer, attending conferences, seminars or meetings

    2) Electronic visit visa (eVisa) – available for citizens of Australia, Japan, Canada, and the USA. There is no need to visit any Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in person. Applications can be submitted through VFS Global. If approved, you will receive an email with your eVisa which you need to print off and present when you board your flight to Brazil and when you arrive at the immigration check point.

    3) Diplomatic visa – available to those holding diplomatic status who are traveling to Brazil on official business

    4) Official visa – available to foreign admin staff who hold diplomatic status who are traveling to Brazil on official visa or foreigners traveling under the official seal of their state

    5) Courtesy visa

    – Personalities and foreign authorities making an unofficial visit to Brazil

    – Spouse or dependents etc., who wish to join Brazilian family

    – Workers of a foreign mission or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil

    – Foreign artists and sports people traveling to Brazil for free and cultural events

    6) Temporary visa

    – Research, teaching, other academic reasons

    – Health care

    – Humanitarian

    – Student

    – Paid work

    – Working holiday

    – Religious reasons

    – Voluntary work

    – Investment

    – Economic, scientific, technological, cultural reasons

    – Family reunification

    – Artistic and/or sports activities

    – Temporary visa due to international agreements

    – Temporary visa due to Brazilian immigration policy

    – Temporary visa for foreign doctors engaged in medical training

    Please see the consular services portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil for further information regarding these types of visas.

    If you plan to visit Brazil, the maximum amount of days you are permitted to stay is 90 days. However, you are allowed to stay a total of 180 days over a 12 month period. The visa can be extended via the federal police in Brazil. The tourist visa is issued for multiple entries.

    Sample Brazil Visa

    Brazil Visa Sample

    Where to apply for Brazil visa

    You need to apply for a Brazil visa from one of the Brazilian Embassies or Consulates located in the country where you currently reside. You cannot arrive in Brazil without a valid visa.

    To find out where your local Brazilian Embassy or Consulate is, go to www.itamaraty.gov.br/en/brazilian-missions-abroad and key in the country where you live in the search field:

    Brazil Visa Embassies and Consulates

    Scroll down to where it says: “Representations in (your country)” and you will find the website and other contact details of the embassy or consulate in your area:

    Brazil Visa Embassies and Consulates1

    In addition, some consulates use 3rd party visa application centers, such as VFS Global, and if this is the case, you should submit your application through them. You can find this information on the respective websites of the embassies and consulates.

    The Brazil Visa Application Process and Requirements

    You need to apply for your Brazil visa well in advance of your departure date. Most embassies or consulates aim to give a decision on your application within 5 days, however, some applications, depending on your nationality, make take longer – sometimes up to 30 days.

    The best thing to do is check the embassy or consulate’s website for their processing times. Since expedited applications are not allowed, you should take account of the processing time of the embassy or consulate you are dealing with.

    When you are sure of the embassy or consulate you need to apply through, the next thing to do its follow these steps to assist you in applying for a Brazil visa.

    The first step is to schedule an appointment at your local embassy or consulate.

    Step 1: Make your appointment online

    Brazilian Embassies or Consulates don’t allow walk-in applications, so you’ll need to make an appointment to appear in person. In order to make your appointment, you will need to go to the website of the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate you are applying through.

    Most embassy and consulate websites will have an online booking system where you can make your appointment. The websites have all the information and instructions on how to do this.

    Step 2: Complete your application form

    The next step is to complete your application form. If you go to the website of the embassy or consulate you are dealing with and you will be able to complete your application online. Go to: https://formulario-mre.serpro.gov.br/sci/pages/web/pacomPasesWeb.jsf

    The Consulate General of Brazil in Boston has useful step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application on their website, so check this out before you start.

    If you from Australia, Japan, Canada or the US, you can apply for an eVisa and complete your application online.

    Step 3: Prepare the required documents

    It is your responsibility to gather all of the necessary documents for the type of visa you are applying for. If you don’t, this could result in you having to make a new appointment or a refused application. You should aim to prevent both of these outcomes and take time to understand what the prerequisites are for your application. The website of the embassy or consulate has all the information you need, so look at that first.

    In addition, you need to submit original documents AND photocopies of everything, so remember to do this too.

    Documents you need to get ready are:

    1) Passport – should be valid for 6 months, signed, and at least 2 free pages for the visa to be attached

    2) Visa application form – please read the instructions on how to complete the form before you start the application. In addition, you should print and sign the visa request form receipt

    3) Passport-sized photograph – this must be uploaded when you complete your application, but you must also glue a photo to the application form when you visit the embassy or consulate. See guidelines for acceptable photos 

    4) Visitor visa information form

    5) Resident card and/or valid visa with re-entry

    6) Proof of residence and ID such as driver’s license or utility bill

    7) Official company letter stating employee’s name and title, contact in Brazil, job details in Brazil, length of employment, and financial responsibility confirmation

    8) Financial reference from the bank if self-employed

    9) Invitation letter with details of the trip and the Brazilian host’s ID and details of any type of participation in the event (if applicable)

    10) Round trip flight booking or confirmed itinerary – Proof of travel arrangements including return flight booking showing entry and exit points from Brazil or letter from a travel agent and/or full itinerary

    11) Proof of sufficient funds – bank statements x 3 and/or income tax return

    12) Enrollment letter

    13) Confirmation of participation and/or attending an event or conference etc.

    14) Birth certificate with a parental consent form for minors

    15) Pre-paid, self-addressed envelope for the return of passports by mail

    If you’re planning to obtain your flight reservation for visa without paying for the ticket, all you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below:

    1. Visit the Visa Reservation website to choose the right package
    2. Submit the travel details and make the payment online
    3. Receive flight itinerary in email

    Flight reservation without payment

    Step 4: Submitting your file

    When the day arrives for you to attend your appointment, arrive early at the embassy or consulate you are dealing with. There will be many people with scheduled appointments, so if you are late you may have to make a new one and this could delay your travel plans.

    You may not think that dressing correctly is important when you attend your interview, but it will go a long way to making a good impression with the visa officials, so use common sense and don’t turn up in clothes that are too casual for the occasion.

    Please, remember to take ALL your paperwork including photocopies. The office cannot be expected to make a correct decision about whether to approve your visa if there is anything missing.

    When your appointment begins, the staff will examine your application and supporting documents. If they are unsure of anything you have stated, they may ask you extra questions. Be assured, they are not trying to catch you out, they are simply gathering all the necessary information in order to make an informed decision, so answer any questions honestly. The questions asked could be:

    1. What do you do in your country?
    2. We don’t think you will return home after your trip to Brazil. What’s your answer to that?
    3. Are you meeting anyone in Brazil?
    4. What do you know about Brazil?

    When you are at the embassy or consulate, you will also have to pay the correct fee for your visa. The fee is usually paid by money order payable to the consulate general, but you should check the requirements before you get there because some consulates may allow you to pay by cashier’s check or cash. There may also be a service fee to pay too. These fees are non-refundable even if your application is refused.

    Brazil Visa Fee


    Fee in USD

    United States








    All other nationalities




    Step 5: Receive your visa

    When a decision has been made on your application, you will be notified by the particular Brazilian Embassy or Consulate you are dealing with. You should be able to collect your passport from the respective office or you can arrange for it to be mailed to you.

    Hopefully, you’ll find your Brazil visa in your passport. If not, there would have been a reason why it hasn’t been accepted.

    1. Errors on the application form
    2. Photo does not meet correct specifications
    3. Purpose of the trip not clear
    4. Incorrect type of visa
    5. Missing information
    6. Passport invalid

    You must apply for the correct type of visa, so it’s important to spend time looking at the website of the embassy or consulate where you will be submitting your application. You must provide all the requested documents and there should be no errors – such as names being spelled wrong, so it’s important to check the documents before signing. Your passport should meet the required guidelines – i.e. being valid for 6 months after your trip. If it isn’t, you should apply for a new passport before you start your visa application. Also, you must make it clear why you are traveling to Brazil and provide the necessary documents to prove this. Lastly, the photo you must provide should comply with the guidelines.

    Here is the link again for the list of Brazilian Embassies and Consulates around the world:  www.itamaraty.gov.br/en/brazilian-missions-abroad


    1) Do I need a visa to go to Brazil?

    Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa if you wish to travel to Brazil. See the list of countries mentioned above or you can go to the consular services portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Brazil.

    2) Can I send my application by mail?

    Most Brazilian Embassies or Consulates do not accept applications by mail. However, you should check with the one you are dealing with because they may allow you to do so in certain circumstances

    3) How soon can I apply for my Brazil visa?

    You can apply no more than 4 months before your departure date. However, you should check with the embassy or consulate you are dealing with as their rules may be different. It is recommended that applications are received 2-12 weeks before your trip to allow plenty of time for processing

    4) Can I get a visa upon arrival in Brazil?

    No. Unless, you are from a country that can enter Brazil without a visa, you must ensure that you have an approved visa before you arrive

    5) Can I apply with a copy of my passport?

    No. When you submit your documents, your passport should be the original and a copy should also be provided. The embassy or consulate will keep your passport while your application is being processed and will be returned to you once a decision has been made

    6) I have already been to Brazil, can I visit again using the same visa?

    The visit visa is valid for multiple entries, so you can enter the country again as long as your previous visit was within 90 days. It’s best to check with the visa authority you dealt with for clarification

    7) I need a visa for Brazil tomorrow! Can this be arranged?

    No. Your application will take up to 5 days to be processed. Rush processing is not an option. You must apply well in advance of your trip


    Once you know where to apply, there are just 5 easy steps to follow when you apply for your Brazil visa:

    1. Make an appointment
    2. Complete your application form
    3. Prepare the required documents
    4. Submit your file
    5. Receive your visa

    That’s it! 5 steps stand between you and your departure to Brazil!

    Brazilian Visa

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