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    Complete Handbook To Argentina Visa Requirements

    Argentina is a land where Tango, poetry, literature, arts, and above all, Fútbol (football) is highly integrated with the local culture. Wherever you go, you meet people with high enthusiasm, humour, and love. The welcoming attitude of the Argentinians is also visible in the flexibility of the Argentina visa requirements, compared to most other countries.

    Apart from the popular business centres of Argentina, such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba, or Mendoza, there are a huge number of natural attractions for tourists too. In fact, Argentina is a mesmerising land filled with natural wonders, including the Iguazu Falls, Andes mountain ranges, Glaciar Perito Moreno, and the rich wetlands. So, if you’re planning a visit to Argentina, we bet that you will return with a piece of your heart still lost in the wonderlands of this beautiful country.


    Now that you’re finally decided to visit Argentina, let’s talk about the Argentina visa requirements in more detail.

    When you’re visiting Argentina, the first thing to check is whether you need a visa or not. The citizens of certain countries do not need a visa for travelling to Argentina. This includes the citizens of all the European Union member countries, nationals of the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Britain. They do not have to obtain a visa to visit Argentina for a stay of not more than 90 days.

    Still, there are certain regulations, depending on your duration as well as the purpose. For example, if the duration of your stay in Argentina is for a longer duration, you might be asked to provide a long-term visa. You might also need a visa if the purpose of your visit is related to business. Hence, it is best to contact your nearest embassy to know more about whether you require a visa for your travel or not.

    If you’re an Indian citizen applying for a visa from India, you will require a visa for the visit. However, the process is quite simple. You just need to fulfil a few Argentina visa requirements, and you’re good to go!


    The mandatory Argentina visa requirements are mostly the same for all types of visas. However, the supporting documents can vary depending on the duration and purpose of your visit. You can get the specific information about the additional documents, depending on your criteria, once you contact the Embassy of Argentina or through your travel agency.

    The most important Argentina visa requirements that need to be submitted while applying for a visa are:

    1. Application form: It is the most basic document while applying for an Argentina visa, must be filled out completely. The form can be obtained either online or from a travel agency and must be signed by the applicant before submission.
    2. Passport: You need to provide your original passport that is valid at least till 6 months after your return from Argentina. Also, ensure that the Passport has at least 2 blank pages in it.
    3. Passport-sized photographs: You need to affix two recently taken passport-sized photographs, which has a decent, light background.
    4. Photocopies of previous passports: To make the visa application process easier, you can provide copies of all the previous passports.
    5. Proof of means of subsistence: It is also important for the diplomatic office to be sure that you have the ability to complete your trip without any further financial assistance. For this, you need to submit some proofs of your financial subsistence, such as your Income Tax Returns Certificate for the last two years and your Bank Statements of the last 6 months.
    6. Address proof: It is also necessary that you provide the details of your permanent address in your home country. You can provide your ID proofs, your electricity bill, water bill, or the deed of your property for this purpose.
    7. Travel Insurance: You need to attach the details of your travel insurance, that is valid in Argentina. It must cover any unexpected emergency that you face, while you’re in Argentina.
    8. Accommodation proof: Along with all the other documents, you’ll need to attach the details of the stay arrangements you’ve made for the entire period you’re in Argentina.
    9. Flight tickets: A flight ticket or a round-trip flight itinerary is a very important Argentina visa requirement that assures the Embassy that you’ll return to your home country once the purpose of your visit is accomplished. If you’re not ready to take the risk of booking tickets in the instances where the dates of your journey are tentative, you can attach a flight itinerary from a reputed visa agency, such as Visa Reservation.

    Once you collect the documents, you need to enclose all the required documents in an envelope, in the order of importance and submit it during the interview. The envelope should be addressed to the Diplomatic Office or the embassy of Argentina in your country. Remember to include your name (applicant’s), address and contact phone number on the envelope without fail. You can even opt to submit the documents in person, and we recommend doing so, as it is much safer than sending it through the post.


    Once the documents are submitted and the visa fee remitted, you can fix an appointment for the visa interview. The final step is the visa interview.

    We know that the Argentina visa requirements and procedure in itself can be a bit of a challenge. In case you find yourself lost in a lot of requirements, fret not. We have a friendly crew of Immigration experts that can help you through the entire visa application process. You just need to select your desired package for your required services, such as obtaining a travel insurance or a flight reservation for visa application. For more information about the services that we provide or to know more about Argentina visa requirements, simply write to us by visiting our contact us page. Our representatives will get in touch with you soon.

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