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  • VR Team | Aug 30, 2017 | 0 comments

    Key Guidelines For Algeria Visa Requirements

    Algeria is the largest country in the African continent and one of the most beautiful one too! Lying at a short sailing distance from Europe, Algeria is speckled with beautiful landscapes, snow-covered peaks, coastlines and some of the most elegant cities in the continent such as Algiers and Constantine. So, if you’re planning your trip to Algeria, it is good to know that Algeria visa requirements, though a bit elaborate, is almost easily obtainable. The only thing is that you need to fulfil all the Algeria visa requirements requested by the Algerian Embassy in your country.

    Once you’ve planned out your visit to Algeria, the next step is applying for the visa. You may need to prepare for this a couple of weeks before submitting your application, in order to avoid any last minute hassles. To ease you through the visa application process, here are all the important Algeria visa requirements you need during your visa interview preparation!


    The mandatory requirements for all types of visas to Algeria is almost similar. So, you need to collect the following mandatory documents, regardless of the visa types:

    1. The first and the most important document you’ll have to submit is an application form for the Algerian visa. It is important to fill the application online as handwritten applications are not accepted by the Algerian embassy. After you fill the form, get it printed and sign wherever required.
    2. You need to submit your original passport along with the application form. Ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of return from Algeria.
    3. Affix two recently taken passport sized photographs with your name written on it along with the passport documents.


    When you intend to visit Algeria as a tourist, you be required to have all the Algeria visa requirements mentioned below:

    1. You need to attach the flight itinerary along with the application form. Important dates of your journey, flight numbers, places you plan to visit, and the details of arrangements made for your accommodation must be given in the itinerary. It should also have the name and complete address of the applicant.
    2. Make sure that you have included the monthly bank statements for the past 6 months. This is to ensure that you have all the means to afford the trip and that you will not be a burden to their country. The documents should clearly show your name as the account holder, account balances, and the issuing date of the statement.
    3. Even though you have given details about your accommodation in your itinerary, you should also provide the valid documents proving your reservations at the hotels or resorts you plan to stay in.
    4. Another important Algeria visa requirements is the travel insurance. Getting yourself a travel visa insurance helps the procedures a lot, as it ensures that you can handle any kind of emergencies in Algeria.


    Even though most of the Algeria visa requirements for the business visa are common for all the visas, there are certain additional requirements when you’re travelling to Algeria as part of your business. So, here’s everything that you need to carry while applying for a business visa to Algeria:

    1. You need to provide a return ticket along with the application form. The return tickets can be obtained without paying the actual amount from an authentic travel agency. This is to ensure that you will return to your country after your work is done.
    2. It is compulsory to attach a letter of sponsorship from your employer stating that you are travelling to Algeria as a part of your business. In case you’re self-employed you need to have the employment contract, instead of the letter of sponsorship.
    3. covering letter from the concerned company you’re working for, stating the purpose of your visit and the period of your stay in Algeria, must also be provided along with the other documents. Make sure that the covering letter is printed on the letterhead of the company and should be duly signed by the applicant. The letter needs to be addressed to the visa officer of Algerian embassy in your region.
    4. Bank statements for the last 6 months are among the most important documents to get your visa approved. It shows that you have enough financial stability.
    5. You need to submit the original invitation from the Algerian company that you’re planning to visit. Note that it must be duly attested by the Algerian chamber of commerce. You can courier the document directly to the embassy so that they are safely enclosed with the other documents.

    Apart from these documents, the embassy can also ask you for additional proofs depending on the purpose of your trip. You can get the details about these extra documents from your travel agents.


    When you plan to work in Algeria, you will need an employment visa. There are a lot of important Algeria visa requirements and steps that you need to consider while applying for the employment visa to Algeria. Here is everything you need to do:

    1. Attach your return tickets from Algeria to assure the Embassy that you will return after the purpose of your visit is fulfilled.
    2. Ensure that you submit a covering letter from your company stating the purpose of your visit, in order to make the procedures easier. It should be signed by the applicant and addressed to the Algerian visa officer in your region.
    3. Provide a letter of sponsorship and proof of funds along with a contract letter or an invitation from the entrusted office.
    4. Another important document that you need to submit is an original authorization letter for your employment from the Ministry of Labor in Algeria.
    5. Remember to submit a medical certificate issued by an authorized diagnostic centre.
    6. The Algerian embassy might ask for educational certificates required for the employment you’re seeking, including the highest educational degrees.

    If the visa is issued for a stay of not more than 90 days, you can extend the duration once you’re temporarily settled there. For such purposes, you may require more documents which you can obtain afterwards

    Now that you’re aware of all the Algeria visa requirements that match your purpose and desired duration of visit, you can start collecting your important documents right away. For mandatory documents, such as travel insurance and flight reservation for visa, you can contact a trustworthy service provider, such as Visa Reservation for assistance. We have a range of exclusive deals on visa flight reservation, hotel reservation for visa, and several other packages. So, all you need to do is; simply contact us and let us know what is it that you need assistance with!


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