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    Ultimate Guide To Afghanistan Visa Requirements

    Afghanistan is a great destination for tourists and businessmen alike. Situated in the heart of Asia, this beautiful landlocked country is, in fact, a great paradise for an adventurous outdoorsman. In the eyes of a businessman, Kabul — the capital of Afghanistan — is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with a lot of commercial opportunities. Also, unlike popular beliefs, there are various Afghanistan Visa Requirements that you need to follow in order to enter Afghanistan.

    The entry restrictions are comparable to any other country; so if you’re planning to visit Afghanistan, you need to fulfil all the Afghanistan Visa Requirements that suits your purpose and duration of the visit. This article covers everything you need to know about the Afghanistan Visa Requirements and guidelines to obtain one!


    If you’ve finalized your trip to Afghanistan you’ll have to follow certain procedures to obtain a visa for Afghanistan. You can choose to apply for the visa either by post or in person. Either way, you’ll have to submit the following mandatory Afghanistan visa requirements as a part of the application procedures. And these documents are:

    1. A duly filled application form with all the information about the travel is the first document you need. It must be duly signed by the applicant before submission. The form can be obtained from the Afghan embassy website or from an authentic travel agency, such as Visa Reservation.
    2. Submit your original passport, which is valid until 6 months after you come back from Afghanistan. Also, affix photocopies of all your previous passports and two standard Passport sized photographs that follow all the visa application specifications.
    3. Documents verifying your accommodation and travel details must be attached to the application form.
    4. Make sure that you submit the proofs of your travel insurance, civil status, and financial stability.
    5. Include a covering letter to the application with all the travel details. The purpose of your trip must be mentioned in the letter.
    6. If you’re travelling to Afghanistan as part of your business requirement, you must provide a No Objection Letter from the company, an invitation letter from the company where you intend to visit, your employment contract, and your bank statement for the last 6 months.
    7. If you’re a student applicant, you must have a no objection letter from the school or college, certificates of all the completed courses and enrollment details of the college you intend to study further.

    When you’re done collecting the documents, you can arrange for the visa interview by fixing an appointment and paying visa application fee. Enclose all the Afghanistan visa requirements and documents in an envelope with your name and address at the top, and submit it during the interview.


    Even if you’ve submitted all the above-mentioned documents for the visa application, you’re required to fulfil certain additional Afghanistan visa requirements along with the application depending on the visa type you choose.

    Entry Visa: An entry visa will be issued with a validity of 3 months. However, you can extend it for a period of not more than 12 months. In order to get a single/multiple entry visa to Afghanistan, you may be asked to provide a number of Afghanistan visa requirements, such as:

    1. A reference letter from the Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs
    2. An attested education degree required for the work you intend to pursue, attested by your country’s Ministry of External Affairs
    3. A valid work permit

    Tourist Visa: The tourist visa to Afghanistan is issued for the purpose of sightseeing, recreation, and visiting tourist places for a period, not more than 3 months. In case you intend to visit Afghanistan as a tourist, you may need to attach certificates like:

    1. A detailed itinerary
    2. Proofs of your civil status and permanent address
    3. If you wish, you can request the Afghanistan Ministry of Internal Affairs to extend the duration of your visit

    Business Visa: Generally, a business visa is issued for the purpose concerning investments, buying and selling of goods, and business deals. To obtain a business visa, you might be asked to submit the following documents, along with the other mandatory requirements:

    1. A recommendation letter from the chamber of commerce from your home country as well as from Afghanistan
    2. The registration certificate of the company you plan to visit in Afghanistan, along with its address
    3. Income tax returns certificate for the past two years
    4. The bank statement for the last 6 months attested by the bank
    5. Your employment contract
    6. The import and export license of the company you represent
    7. An invitation letter from the company you plan to visit as a part of your trip, which also mentions that the company in Afghanistan will take care of your accommodation during your trip


    An Afghanistan visa can be issued to any candidate eligible to travel to Afghanistan. All foreign nationals can get an Afghanistan visa for themselves if they fulfil the requirements. However, there are exceptions for this, such as the individuals who have been banned from entering Afghanistan by the Afghanistan authorities or those who have not completed the previous ban period.

    Candidates who have been expelled from Afghanistan for an unspecified period of time or those who are suspected to disrupt security or general order of the country and moral corruption can also be denied the visa. Visas of those who have been doubted with moral corruption and those who lack respect for the rules of Islam can also be refused.

    In many cases, there are chances for the visa to get rejected if the Afghanistan embassy finds irregularities in the application. Though not common, visa can also be refused to individuals if they cause a worry of spreading a contagious disease. You can never obtain a visa if the high ranking authority has decided to deny of approving it, no matter whatever risks you take for the visa application.

    Currently, there is no visa fee for certain nationals, such as Indians. However, the visa fee for other nationals can vary depending on the type of visit. You can check out this link from the Afghan Embassy for more information about the visa fee.

    Each of the important Afghanistan visa requirements can be fulfilled by yourself. However, incomplete visa applications can be outright rejected or delayed. So, you just need to ensure that everything is complete and the details are matching. If you’re looking for a visa to any other country, we have a range of useful services such as getting a flight reservation for visa or obtaining a travel insurance. That said, you can always contact us for any assistance during your process of applying for a visa to Afghanistan as well!


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